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An Appeal to The Governments of The World



Sri Lanka in UN Sri Lanka in Geneva - UNHRC Commonwealth-CHOGM2013

Sri Lanka Genocide
Appeal to the world
Political Solution
Boycott Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka in UNHRC
No Fire Zone
ICG Report
Nov 2013



UN Genocide, Mass Rape, Atrocities... by Government of Sri Lanka UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon says the UN had learned from the war in Sri Lanka and as a result an action plan has been put in place to ensure a similar situation does not occur in any other country.
December 17, 2013
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Introduction to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka politics has always been hijacked by vast majority of racist and fascist based genocidal minded Sinhalese. Vast majority of the Sinhalese are inherently genocidal against Tamils and historically been conducting pogroms, racial riots, genocide and crimes against Tamils in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka military, police, secret service and paramilitary regularly conduct rape, murder, abductions, killings and various inhuman forms of oppression. The government is continuing on the path of severe oppression.

The democratic elections in Sri Lanka always follows the agenda of the Sinhala community demanding oppression, suppression and genocide of Tamils as the main policy of the Sinhala political parties. Sri Lanka political parties in turn always whip up anti Tamil propaganda to win votes in elections. The democracy in Sri Lanka is always results in Sinhala fascist winning the elections, resulting in numerically small Tamils of north and east always suffering the worst atrocities of Sri Lanka government and Sinhala masses.

While the UN attempts to look at war crimes, killings, rape and all other atrocities conducted on behalf of Sinhala masses against Tamil population by the genocidal government of Sri Lanka  it is essential that a wider scope should be defined for a permanent solution from this genocidal Sri Lanka government and Sinhala masses.

Geopolitics can have significance for the international community. However, assisting and will fully engaging in defending genocide, war crimes, oppression and all these forms of criminality by Sri Lanka should not be consumed as a bate by the international community. Especially China should look deeply into using the genocide of Tamils as its tool to build its future in the region. China should find better ways to advance its geopolitical interests, by growing to be civilized as its responsibilities grows.

18 November 2013In a surprise move, China today asked Sri Lanka to "make efforts to protect and promote human rights", backing calls by India, Britain and other countries at the CHOGM summit in Colombo to address allegations of rights abuses against the country's minority Tamils.
iTamil News Evil Sri Lanka Government enforced abortions and genocide of Tamils
Flag of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Genocide

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Tamils Demonstrate in Geneva-UNHRC Against Sri Lanka Genocide:
March 2013

News iTamil News

Jaffna: David Cameron is told he is a god - MailOnline

Jaffna: david Cameron Nov 2013 jaffna 2013 - british PM
1, 2, 3, 4

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague discusses devolution and reconciliation in Sri Lanka with the Tamil National Alliance during CHOGM.

International Crisis Group release new report on situation in Sri Lanka:
David Cameron Cameron should not go to Colombo - FT editorial
11 November 2013

Cameron should have boycotted CHOGM – New Statesman editorial
11 November 2013

Britain should have boycotted CHOGM, must take up Sri Lanka at summit – The Independent editorial
11 Nov 2013

Senior Minister of State of Foreign and Commonwealth Office disappointed with CMAG
11 Nov 2013

MPs banned from accepting all-expenses paid invitations to Sri Lanka
11 nov 2013
Tamil Guardian 09 November 2013
World will need to provide an independent investigation if Sri Lanka fails to deliver - David Cameron

No Fire Zone Was Chilling, Tweets British PM
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Frances Harrision Nov 2013
By: Frances Harrison's
Frances Harrision

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
Frances Harrison's documentory published on BBC.
Nov 2013


Channel 4
Interviews with Isaipiriya's mother.
Manmohan Sing not attending CHOGM 2013 in Colombo
Channel 4
Interviews with Isaipiriya's mother and sisters.
Manmohan Sing not attending CHOGM 2013 in Colombo
Interviews with Isaipiriya's mother and sisters.

US Human Rights Report for 2011-2012: Published April 2013
US Human Rights report accuses Sri Lankan government of unlawful killings
 The 2012 Human Rights Report released by the United State Department of State yesterday alleged that the government, its agents, or its paramilitary allies committed arbitrary or unlawful killings, but said, reliable statistics on such killings were difficult to obtain, because past complainants were killed and some families feared reprisals if they filed complaints.

The U.S. report released yesterday by the Secretary of State John Kerry assesses human rights conditions around the globe in 2012. Read More...

Military reprimands Tamils for voting TNA
05 October 2013
Sri Lanka Election Riggins
இராணுவத்தினர் குற்றவாளிகளே! இராணுவ நீதிமன்ற அறிக்கையை நிராகரித்து அடித்துக் கூறுகிறது தமிழ்த் தேசியக் கூட்டமைப்பு .
Sri Lanka Genocide - 2009: How did the band wepons of Russian manufacture got in to Sri Lanka, which was used for genocide of Tamils by genocidal Sinhala Sri Lankan government?   Read in Tamil ரஷ்யாவின் தடைசெய்யப்பட்ட ஆயுதங்கள் முள்ளிவாய்க்காலுக்கு எப்படி வந்தது ?
12 April, 2013

Sison US & Sri Lanka: Update from Ambassador Sison: Read More>>
8 April 2013
Read the abstracts below.
The people of the United States have a long history of friendship and cooperation with the people of Sri Lanka...

..Today we are one of the largest contributors of humanitarian and development assistance in Sri Lanka, as well as a big supporter of education and civil society. ..

The U.S. also helped the government and people of Sri Lanka in every way we could to try to end the LTTE’s reign of terror –...

An equally important challenge, however – one that bears on our very identity as a nation – is to protect and maintain our core principles of democracy and rule of law during difficult times.

...shared democratic values.  And that is precisely why the United States will always speak up when we feel such values are threatened.  

As many of you know, the United States remains particularly concerned about threats against, and attacks on, media outlets in Sri Lanka.  Several prominent journalists have fled the country, and a number of attacks on journalists remain unresolved.  This includes the 2009 killing of “Sunday Leader” editor Lasantha Wickrematunge, the January 2010 abduction of Prageeth Ekneligoda, and the July 2011 attack on Uthayan news editor Gnanasundaram Kuganathan.  

...defend the universal right to freedom of expression...

As you know, this is the second year the U.S. has sponsored a resolution in Geneva.  Some have asked me, “why a second resolution?”  Let me explain.

The 2012 resolution simply asked ... own commitments LLRC... and to meet its own international obligations.  

...continued to raise concerns..., Unfortunately, the National Action Plan did not cover all the recommendations of LLRC....,
...But, some of the most important steps in achieving real reconciliation have not yet moved ahead.  Government dialogue with the TNA on political devolution is crucial...

... 2013, the U.S. Government looked at what the government of Sri Lanka had undertaken to do under its own LLRC report.  We looked at the conditions around the country.  We compared those to the government’s commitments and stated goals.  We realized that not only were many of the concerns that led to the first resolution still there, but also, that in some ways the situation had deteriorated.  ...
....When we say reconciliation, we mean ... ...When we say accountability, we mean ...

...This brings us back to the original question: what happens next?  ....
I would submit that this depends on the government of Sri Lanka.  The UNHC for HR’ report dated February 11, 2013 reaffirmed a long-standing recommendation  for “an independent and credible international investigation” ...
..The latest (2013) resolution took note of this call, and asks the OHC to update the Council on Sri Lanka’s progress at the September 2013 session and present a comprehensive report in March 2014.  The latest resolution also encourages Sri Lanka’s government to respond to the eight outstanding requests by UN special procedures mandate holders. 

...we will renew our consideration... and beyond.  ... reconciliation and accountability ...should be viewed as essential to ensuring a peaceful and prosperous future for the country.  History has shown that societies that do not adequately address reconciliation and accountability usually return to a conflict situation at some point down the road.  Thus, however difficult this process is, it is ultimately vital to the stability of Sri Lanka.

...So you can see, by anyone’s standard, U.S. engagement with Sri Lanka remains robust and multifaceted.  Our US-Sri Lanka relationship is not limited to a single agenda, as some have claimed, but represents a truly multidimensional approach driven not by any short-term agenda but by long-term goals and partnerships...

5,000 Tamils marching in London in Support of TN students demanding justice for Eelam Tamils.
5 April 2013 - Organised by TCC-UK
TCC-UK protest-5Apr2013
tamil demo londo
rajapaksetamil demo london april 2013

New York: Amnesty: "Get on the Bus for Human Rights" [GOTB] day of action ...
More than 250 students from Massachusetts and other states including several Tamil youths Friday participated in Amnesty's "Get on the Bus for Human Rights" [GOTB] day of action focused on human rights in Uganda, China/Tibet, Sudan, Sri Lanka, and Burma.


India & Sri lanka CHOGM India called to boycott Sri  Lanka commonwealth Meeting - CHOGM
Senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha on Wednesday urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to skip the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka from November 15 to 17.

CPI Condemns Genocidal war campaign in Sri Lanka
3 Apr 2013
Sri Lanka offers Pakistan to assemble civilians in no fire zones and mass murder Pakistan civilians.

In showing gratitude for Pakistan shipping weapons of mass destruction, which was paid by China and used to carry out genocide of Tamils in sri lanka, while US, UK, France and Europe were crying out to stop the genocidal war in Sri Lanka, still defiance Sri Lanka makes the offer to expand genocide into Pakistan.
மாவை சேனதிராஜா Military rule in the North&East, dictatorship in the whole of the country is the status quo of Sri Lanka..
TNA MP Mavai Senathiraja MP

SL military operatives attack ITAK meeting in Ki'linochchi, 20 wounded

30 May 2013 - Read in Tamil &

Mar 30, Kilinochchi: A party meeting of Sri Lanka's major Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) held in Kilinochchi today has come under attack from an unidentified group, the police said.

TNA parliamentarians M. A. Sumanthiran, Mavai Senathirajah, E. Saravanabhavan and several other party members were in attendance at the meeting held in TNA parliamentarian S. [...]

You may view the latest post at
US may launch Sri Lanka war crimes investigation
25 March 2013
The US has warned that it may be forced to investigate alleged war crimes if the Sri Lankan government does not conduct its own "independent and credible" inquiry.

TNA Sri Lanka Tamil party disputes government's claims on implementing LLRC recommendations. - Tue, Mar 26, 2013
TNA We are prepared for talks with the government  that is facilitated by international mediation: TNA leader R Sampanthan MP 24 March 2013. (Read in Tamil)

UNHRC 22nd session - US resolution :- March 2013
Sri Lanka in UNHRC Dock:
21 March 2013 session 22 US resolution on Sri Lanka - UNHRC 22nd session Voting results Votes in Favour: 26 (Amended from 25) Votes Against: 13 Votes abstain: 8
Indian parliament discusses Eelam issue (>>)

Tamils Demonstrate in Geneva-UNHRC
Against Sri Lanka Genocide:

March 2013
Tamils in UNHRC Geneva 2013

Sri Lanka Defense secretary Gota ...
Take it from me, there will be no investigation into Sri Lanka's conduct.
Says Sri Lanka Defense secretary Gota (Feb 4 2010)

Tamil youths on round the clock protest in front of Indian high commission
Demanding Independent International Investigations against war crimes & genocide against Sri Lanka government and to  find political solution for Tamils in Eelam & Sri Lanka.
Tamil youths fasting - march 2013

Sri Lanka: Colombo deploys detained LTTE members to twist opposition to US resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC session

Students’ protests gain momentum across Tamil Nadu :- 12 March 2013

Tamilnadu student protest March 2013


Chennai college students on indefinite hunger-strike... calling for a UN referendum among the Eezham Tamils

SL-to-Arrest MPs and NGOs
Sri Lanka government may be planning to arrest Tamil and other MPs and Sri Lanka NGOs who visited Geneva during UNHRC's 22nd Session, discussing Sri Lanka Genocide.
by Nihal Jagathchandra :-March 2013
The government internal sources revealed that a secret plan is in place to arrest the five members of the Tamil National Alliance and the NGO activists who have gone to Geneva to help the American and the European countries against Sri Lanka. They will be arrested at the Katunayake air port on their return from Geneva, if they have made statements  detrimental to the unitary character of the state.

The arrests will be made according to the law of the land, since aiding and abetting as well as financially assisting any attempt to form a separate state is considered as a punishable offense under the sixth amendment to the Sri Lankan constitution. If such a charge is proved against an MP, his or her parliament membership can be suspended at least for seven years under the existing legal provisions. The government is seeking legal advise on the matter, revealed the sources.

Speaking to 'Lakbima', a prominent government minister clarified that even though the country's constitution upholds the right to travel to any part of the world and the right to free speech, no one holds any legal power or a right to make any statements  considered detrimental to the unitary state. Therefore, he said, the country's intelligence agencies are keeping a close watch on all the statements made by the TNA members as well as other activists who are now in Geneva.

Source: 'Lakbima' Sinhala daily | 09.03.2013
US Resolution “Welcomes” Calls for Independent International Investigation

British HC defends UK govt. members attending GTF conference - The Island Newspaper

Letter to UNHRC 22n Session from Brian Senaviratne Options

Indian parliament discusses Sri Lanka's atrocities committed against Tamils
Jaswant Sinha Spells out India's responsibility.

Indian parliament discusses Sri Lanka's atrocities committed against Tamils
D.R.Balu in Indian parliament (DMK, a constituent of ruling allaiance):
Geneva -accusing Sri lanka

Sri Lanka: Vavuniya:
Searching for the disappeared by Government atrocities.

March 2013
Searching for the disappeared - Vavuniya

To day UNHRC is in session. >>Details

Sri Lanka & UN
Sri Lanka in UNHRC

UN & Sri Lanka:
News and analysis of events relating to Sri Lanka in UN and UNHRC.

Sri Lanka
War Crimes:
Channel 4
Sri Lanka in Geneva:
US Draft Resolution: Promoting Reconciliation and Accountability in Sri Lanka Options.  Draft as on 1st March:

"No Fire Zone":
The screening of the film/documentary "No Fire Zone" by Channel 4 took place on the 1st March in Geneva UNHRC campus, during this 2013 session. Read about what transpired at the film release.

↙ Sri Lanka War Crimes updates from Channel 4

Callum Macray Channel 4 Channel 4 Balachandran
Channel 4 Killing Fields
Set of videos on war crime by sri lanka

Ref: BTF London Tamil Conference 2012
BTF: London World Tamil Conference - Nov 2012
BTF London tamil conference
BTF: London World Tamil Conference - Nov 2012
BTF Tamil Conference
London World Tamil Conference endorses a momentous resolution in the UK Parliament campus.

Sri Lanka
War Crimes

Sri Lanka
War Crimes: News analysis and reports on Sri Lanka war crimes.

Sri Lanka
Army Atrocities:

Continuing Attrocities by Sri Lankan Army

Sri Lanka &Commonwealth

Commonwealth & Sri Lanka


हिंदी (Hindi)
中国 (சீனா)
Việt Nam

Gang of states of thuggery and violence


Del: Del:
Genocidal Sri Lanka's Racist Parliamentary Deputy Speaker Condemns Britain

One of the reason Sri Lanka is genocidal and proved it again and again over the decades is that the the most genocidal Sinhala politician win the elections in this country. Now they attack people peacefully acting and protesting out Sri Lanka, when inside Sri Lanka political abductions, racial rape, genocide, disappearances, political killings of peaceful protesters, journalist continues unabated. Read how this genocidal deputy speaker condemns actions away from his terror Lanka and praises war criminals in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan government in Colombo is discriminating Tamil farmers in Northern Province
in distributing disaster relief following recent natural disasters, farmers representatives in Mannaar said, announcing a fasting campaign on February 18 at Uyilangku’lam in Mannaar.

Sri Lanka & UN

Sri Lanka in UNHRC
Sri Lanka has failed to fulfill pledges given to the UN - Tamil party

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Leader and Member of parliament R Sampanthan Explains.

Jan 21, Colombo: Sri Lanka's major Tamil political party, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says the government has failed to honor the pledges given to the United Nations on post war reconciliation.
R Sampanthan MP
Provincial councils require police power, says TNA leader R Sampanthan. (Read in Tamil)
22 Feb2013

James Moore US introduces UN resolution on Sri Lankan rights abuses

The United States has announced it will introduce a fresh resolution to the UN Human Rights Council, in a bid to force Sri Lanka to keep its promise to investigate the military for alleged war crimes and atrocities.

The US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, James Moore, says Washington will sponsor a procedural resolution at the March sessions of the Rights Council ...US introduces UN resolution on Sri Lankan rights abuses
The United States has announced it will introduce a fresh resolution to the UN Human Rights Council, in a bid to force Sri Lanka to keep its promise to investigate the military for alleged war crimes and atrocities.

UN & Sri Lanka:
Weak (UNHRC 2012) UN resolution caused Colombo to sustain lack of political will: Christian clergy
19 Feb 2013
“What we have seen since the rather weak resolution adopted at the 19th session of the Council is a total lack of political will on the part of the government to implement recommendations therein, such as the call for investigations into allegations of international law during the final stages of the conflict and cooperation with the UN Special Procedures,” said 133 priests of various Christian denominations in the North and East in an appeal to UN Human Rights Council on Monday. They urged the Council not to interpret the problem as ‘lack of capacity’ by the SL State. Despite the deviatory tone in using the terms such as ‘internal self-determination’ and the orchestrated deception of the so-called ‘stronger resolution’, the priests from the gagged country of Eezham Tamils didn't fail in establishing what was taking place on the ground as protracted genocide against the Tamil people. Read More>>

An Appeal to world An Appeal to The Governments of The World

  Tamils living in the North and East of Sri Lanka are a people without a government to defend them from the genocidal Sinhalese and the genocidal Sinhala government. It should be the duty of every government in the world to listen and support the persecuted Tamils and save them from the continuing genocide. Instead of falling victim to the lies, cheats and deceptions that has been carried out by the genocidal Government of Sri Lanka by (using Sri Lanka government's coffers and machinery),  it is the duty of each and every government of the world to go out and actively seek out the truth about the genocidal persecutions of Tamils that is taking place in Sri Lanka Instead of falling victim to the mass deception campaign of Sri Lanka Government..

  World governments should stop supporting the genocidal Sinhalese [see exceptions] and the genocidal government of Sri Lanka to press ahead with this most barbaric activities that undermining the values of the human civilization on a world scale. The world governments should actively investigate and find out the truth of what has been happening in Sri Lanka and save the Tamils from genocide and ensure the world civilization do learn lessons to stop genocide of this scale happening in any part of the world in the future.

  The counter charge by Sri Lanka government and the president that they are a third world country and there for they have human rights values different to that of advanced nations are a calculated lie intend on cheating all world governments to gain time, as proved time and again to continue with their genocidal agenda. "The statement that "we have lower human rights values" and manipulating this statement to carry on with war crimes and genocide is a remark that deliberately degrades third world and industrializing countries and sights those countries of the world as evidence for continuing with genocide.

 The genocide, human right violations, oppression, rapes, disappearances and many more charges made by Tamils against the government of Sri Lanka is not relevant to third world nor advancing nor advanced nations. This is an issue of Sri Lanka which affects world standards, that needs to be dealt with by all countries of the world. This issue is not a third world or an issue for the international geopolitics, unless the lies, cheats and deceptions propagated by Sri Lanka are taken on board by international governments. With the massive false propaganda of Sri Lanka government, mostly all of the nations in the world were blindly supporting genocide, while some were deliberately supporting for a false geopolitical reason when Sri Lank carried out it's genocide recently and continue to structure the military and cultural activities based on the intended aim of genocide. It is now a catastrophic humanitarian crisis for entire world. It is the duty of all countries of the world to act to stop genocide, war crimes, rapes and murders becoming defacto civilization standard of the world. In this regard it is the duty of each and every government to seek out the truth and punish the genocidal government of Sri Lanka and tame the genocidal Sinhala people by first stopping the support and then by taking actions against it.

 Tamil issue and the geopolitics relating to Sri Lanka is not significant for the world, if the world looks at this with an open mind instead of being manipulated by the genocidal Sri Lanka government. Sri Lanka manipulated/s all governments, the regional, the third world, the advancing and the advanced nations to support Sri Lanka to carry out genocide. The geopolitics does not matter, because if there was no Tamil Sinhala conflict the geopolitics would still exist. The geopolitics does not matter, because both advanced and advancing nations want to keep Sri Lanka under their influence and this would have happened even the Tamil Sinhala conflict is not there.

 There is no justification for China and India to arm Sri Lanka with heavy weaponry that is being used for genocide of Tamils. Tamils do not have a government. China and India should not be picking on the weakest part of the international member to advance their geopolitical, military and economic advancements. China and India should use their guts to play this politics at least with stronger members and not with people with no power and struggling to re-establish their identity and live independently.
 In this respect, it is the duty of all nations of the world to get to the truth and stop Sri Lanka marching ahead with genocide, war crimes, rapes, disappearance, murders, human rights violations, oppression and various other atrocities. Please wake up and try to learn exactly what seriously uncivilized inhuman activities are planned against Tamils by Sri Lanka government.

Please save the Tamils.
Please save the world civilization.
If you have a comment let us know and we will pass on to the author. If you have information in the form of facts and figures to support or oppose the above, please let us know your contact details so that we can pass on your details to any questions raised on the above matters.


Sri Lanka War Crimes:

Sri Lanka’s dead and missing: the need for an accounting

... there’s a growing need for an accounting of – and for – those killed and missing in the final months of fighting in northern Sri Lanka in 2009. Members of the UN Human Rights Council, ...
War Crimes in Sri Lanka - ICG
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS ... Evidence gathered by the International Crisis Group suggests that these months saw tens of thousands of Tamil civilian men, women, children and the elderly killed, countless more wounded, and hundreds of thousands deprived of adequate food and medical care, resulting in more deaths... 

Sri lanka War crimes:
Channel 4 releases documentary evidence
19 Feb 2013
Releasing photos of LTTE leader Pirapaharan's 12-year-old son Balachandran, who was captured by the occupying Sinhala military in the final hours of the genocidal onslaught on Vanni, the British Channel 4 television on Monday said that the photos, which had been taken before and after the brutal slaying of the boy, stemmed from the same camera within a period of two hours. Releasing the photos in a write up to The Independent, Callum Macrae, the director of “No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka,” said “this is proof, beyond reasonable doubt, of the execution of a child – not a battlefield death.” The news was titled “Handed a snack, and then executed: the last hours of the 12-year-old son of a Tamil Tiger”.  Read More>>

Channel 4
Channel 4

"No Fire Zone": The screening of the film/documentary "No Fire Zone" by Channel 4 took place on 1st March in Geneva UNHRC campus, during this 2013 session. Read about what transpired at the film release.

Channel 4: "No Fire Zone" video (full version) will be screened  in March
21 February 2013
Callum Macray, producer of the Channel-4 television has produced another 90 minutes video “No Fire Zone”. This film would be screened at United Nation Human Rights Commission in March.

Macray stated these new video footage brief deaths of thousands of civilians, new scenes on war crimes and new interviews. Important sense of this video footage would be screened for Indian parliamentarians in Delhi next week.

This video footage would be strong evident against SriLanka, producer said. @

Channel 4: "No Fire Zone" video footage will be screened for Indian MP's
 21 February 2013
Channel- 4 video footage of “No Fire Zone” which briefs the Lankan war crime allegations reported in year 2009 would be screened at the Indian parliament tomorrow.

This 20 minutes video footage would be screen at 4.30 pm in the Constitution Club, New Delhi. Special discussion was also organized end of the screening, sources said.

Indian executive director of the Amnesty International G.Anandhapatmanadan, director of the Channel -4 Callum Macrae, Chief Editor of the IANS news agency M.R.Narayanasuwamy, and the professor of the Jawaharlal Nehru University P.Sagadevan will take part in this discussion.

Speaking to media Callum Marcare noted this video footage will clearly brief the war crime allegations in SriLanka and also stressed to take legal action on this issue or else it would lead for another bloody conflict in SriLanka, he said. @

Handed a snack, and then executed: the 12-year-old son of a Tamil Tiger - 18 Feb 2013
New photographs have emerged which raise fresh questions about the conduct of Sri Lanka’s armed forces during the final stages of the operation against Tamil rebels and have led to claims the 12-year-old son of the militants’ leader may have been summarily executed. [
Warning: Some may find the second image in the accompanying gallery distressing:pictures]
Balachandran Pirabaharan Balachandran BalachandranBalachandran
India: Headlines Today: Video Interview about Balachandran news Indian TV Coverage 19 Feb 2013
India: Outrage over killing of LTTE chief Prabhakaran's son; Sri Lanka rejects reports
Sri Lanka's envoy to India said Wednesday that photographs showing the late LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran's son alive before being killed were morphed. Sri Lanka rejects charges of executing Prabhakaran's son.

Sri Lanka
Demographic Genocide
(Gov Planned Colonization of Tamil Homeland)
Land Grab
Settling Alien Military
Sri Lanka Demographic Genocide (Gov Planned Colonization of Tamil Homeland)

Sinhala militarisation, genocide in East goes unnoticed, unaccounted
17 Feb 2013
In the name of a Sinhala-titled programme ‘Divineguma,’ Colombo intensively spearheads structural genocide of Eezham Tamils in the East. It has now gone to the extent of mushrooming Sinhala military camps and settlements running grocery shops and restaurants to the public. The only major construction activity in the East is the construction of Sinhala military camps. By talking only of the North and leaving out the East, the visiting foreign dignitaries buttressing State in the island systematically obscure what is happening in the East and imply that the annihilation of the nation of Eezham Tamils in the East is ‘normal and acceptable’. The line of subversion started when Mr. Robert Blake was the US ambassador in Colombo after the SL military capture of the East from the LTTE, and the line was later taken up by the Indians, political activists in the East said. Read More>>

[வடமாகாண] அரசியல் கூட்டத்தின் மீதான தாக்குதலுக்கு இராணுவமே பொறுப்பு: ரணில் விக்ரமசிங்க
அண்மையில் யாழ்ப்பாணத்தில் நடைபெற்ற அரசியல் கூட்டத்தின் மீதான தாக்குதலுக்கு இராணுவமே பொறுப்பு என எதிர்க்கட்சித் தலைவர் ரணில் விக்ரமசிங்க பாராளுமன்றில் தெரிவித்துள்ளார்.
SL military operatives attack peaceful protest against Jaffna SMZ
Friday, 15 2013
TNA Protest
Sri Lankan military operatives, numbering around 10, who were sitting among the protestors in front of Thurkkai Amman temple in Thellippazhai, where a token fast was being observed with wider participation of Tamil parties and the opposition from the South, attacked the peaceful protestors after the SL Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe left the site taking part and addressing the protestors, who staged the token fast against Colombo changing the former SL Miltiary High Security Zone (HSZ) into Sinhala Military Zone (SMZ) in Jaffna. However, the attackers, causing panic, were confronted by the protestors when the SL military men went amok on Tamil parliamentarians and journalists at the site of the protest. More than one hundred SL policemen were silently watching the unfolding episode without doing anything to curb the civil clad military operatives. Sri Lanka government thugs operating
Sri Lankan military operatives. Were the operatives who attacked the the fasting-protesters supported by the police?
Mavai Senathirajah MP  -: 19 Feb 2013
The statement made by police that no one was arrested and no one captured and handed over any one at the fasting-protest trouble inorder to safeguard the criminals is an open indication that who are the real culprits of this attack on the protesters.

MP Mavai Senathirajah further said that, the attack to stop the fasting-protest leads to suspicions that if the police were accomplishes of this criminality. Read more in Tamil...


Sri Lanka Army Atrocities:

Sri Lanka Army Atrocities:

SLA threatens Mannaar farmers not to protest against discrimination
22 Feb 2013
The demonstration and fasting campaign organized by farmers organizations in Mannaar district earlier this week to protest against the discrimination by the SL government in Colombo in providing relief to affected farmers following the recent floods, was put off due to the threat issued by the intelligence Unit of the occupying Sri Lanka Army that those participating would be dealt severely under the ‘Sri Lankan Law’. Due to the threat and intimidation exerted by the SL intelligence, the demonstration was now put off for February 26, the organisers said. Read More>>


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Host CHOGM in New Zealand: Tamil Action Front
20 Feb 2013
The Tamil Action Front (TAF) of New Zealand in a letter addressed to New Zealand’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Murray McCully on Friday urged his government to offer to host the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet (CHOGM) this year at New Zealand instead of in Sri Lanka, to save the dignity and decorum of the member states of the Commonwealth. The TAF also reminded the NZ government of its earlier request to explore the possibility of suspending Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth. Read More >>


Sri Lanka Army Atrocities:
SLA threatens Mannaar farmers not to protest against discrimination
22 Feb 2013
The demonstration and fasting campaign organized by farmers organizations in Mannaar district earlier this week to protest against the discrimination by the SL government in Colombo in providing relief to affected farmers following the recent floods, was put off due to the threat issued by the intelligence Unit of the occupying Sri Lanka Army that those participating would be dealt severely under the ‘Sri Lankan Law’. Due to the threat and intimidation exerted by the SL intelligence, the demonstration was now put off for February 26, the organisers said. Read More>>



UN Deeply disturbed by shooting of journalst in Sri Lanka and status of LLRC Sri Lanka fails to keep war probe promises: UN
Feb 13, 2013

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka has failed to honour promises to investigate serious rights abuses and allegations that thousands of civilians were killed in the final stages of its ethnic war, a UN report says.

The report by human rights experts, which was submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Monday, found that investigations by local authorities were inconclusive and were not independent or impartial.

Navi Pillay precludes ‘procedures’ to adopt by UNHRC process

While the US officials, who visited the island of Sri Lanka last month, were talking of tabling a ‘procedural resolution’ to approach affairs of the island at the March sessions of the UNHRC in Geneva, the report that has come from the office of Ms Navi Pillai (OHCHR) on Monday outlined what procedures have to be taken to further the processes started with last year’s resolution at the UNHRC. When the US-tabled resolution, watered down by India and passed last year, was fundamentally responsible for the acceleration of structural genocide of Eezham Tamils as witnessed in the course of the year, any further ‘procedural’ enhancement of the resolution is like decorating the rat’s tail with a silk tassel, as the saying in Tamil goes (eli vaalukku padduk kungncham), commented human rights activists in Jaffna.

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Hello Friends: 

Here is the info on a documentary film that features my work!









Canadian Documentary Premieres on OMNI TV Channel 14

April 14, 2013, 7:00 pm. English

April 21, 2013- Tamil

Toronto, ON –Civil war has rocked Sri Lanka since independence forcing hundreds of thousands to flee their homes and seek asylum in different countries. In ‘My Country’ award winning filmmaker Lalita Krishna traces the history of the conflict through the personal stories of people who pay the price of civil war.    

Baskaran took an unmarked boat from Sri Lanka, and landed in Newfoundland 25 years ago. What he remembers is not the journey itself but the selflessness of the fisherman- Gus Dalton who saved the desperate, hungry castaways  he found drifting in the Atlantic ocean on  a rickety boat. 

Fearing for her children’s safety Ranjana, left her village with her 8 month baby, her 5 year old daughter, her husband and mother and walked 12 miles through forests and shrubs. Like Baskaran, Ranjana is grateful for the new life she has been able to build, but memories of horrific horrific escape comes flooding back, as more migrant ships arrive on Canadian shores.

‘What would compel people to risk their lives and cross the Atlantic ocean? They have such faith in our system, in Canada” says Gary Anandasangaree, Legal Counsel to The Canadian Tamil Congress.

The historical markers that escalated the conflict in Sri Lanka, is creatively captured in a play ‘Not By Our Tears’ by eminent poet and Tamil scholar Cheran. The play traces the history and marginalization of Tamils in Sri Lanka after independence. All the actors in the play have come to Canada as refugees or as children of refugees.

“My Country” skilfully weaves scenes from the play  combined with archival footage and personal stories of Bhaskaran and Ranjana to tell a poignant and moving story that digs into the root of the conflict in Sri Lanka and the human cost of civil war.

To watch the trailer go to:



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